5 Reasons to Buy Yourself a One piece Hat

 Many ladies and some men have always found it comfortable to wear a hat than style their hairs.  Leave alone styling the hair, some people wear hats until they forget about dry shampoo, and this is the whole truth. Or maybe, they do it once in a month.  One Piece of hats are not just any hats. These are the hats you will wear and rock the whole town. They will come in with style, to enhance your looks, and not just to cover your hair.

 Here are some solid reasons you should buy a one piece hat:

  1. Functionality

Hats are of great function as they will protect you from harsh sun rays which could cause you sunburn.  Or do you have a bad haircut that you do not wish your friends see it?

Well, that is why you have a one piece hat, as it will cover your hair as well as give you the look that many people will admire.

  • It Shares And Frames Your Face

  No one is perfect, and we were not all blessed with the features that we are fully satisfied with. And almost everyone has that one feature on their bodies that they do not just like. In a case of your face, one piece hat will sort you a great deal.  You only have to ensure that you pick the best that will perfectly fit you.  If you have a short or small face, it is recommended that you go for a simple beanie or a beret, as they will not overwhelm your face’ features.  For longer faces, wide hats will go well, as they will direct them outwards.

  • They Highlight Your Outfits

 One Piece of hats are also accessories just like the oppai hoodie from Trendy Anime  A hat that is worn with a beautiful dress enhances one’s looks.  This does not mean that you do not look good in your clothing without the huts, but it only improves the appearance

  • They Boost Your Confidence

 One Piece of hats are not common, yet very fashionable. If you get to wear them, you look unique. That is the exact point where self-confidence begins to shoot high, at uniqueness. Who does not like being unique, anyway?  Whenever you are in looks that people ate not used to, they tend to admire you, and that alone is enough to boost your confidence, apart from feeling proud of your style.

  • Bad Hair Days

 Gone are the days where you would stay all day long in lousy hair, in the name of very many excuses.

No more bad hair days, as one piece hats are here to save you.  Are you late for work and you are about to opt for a bad hair day?

Oh no! Grab your one piece hat now and go on girl.  No one will ever notice the shaggy hair under your hat, especially with well-done makeup.


 In short, hats will always give you a new look. You may be thinking that you do not look good in hats, but I suggest that you try them on. You will be surprised at the transformation they will make on you. Visit trendyanime.com today and purchase them.

The Fan Band

TIf you love the BT21 characters and avidly collect their merchandise, this product fits right into your scheme. Show your love and fandom with the BT21 Character Hair Band.

The Merchandise

The product is priced at $16 on bt21 store and exclusively available through LINE FRIENDS. The dimensions of the product are 40mm x 40mm x 30mm in the form of a 330mm x 2mm band. The band is made of 100% Polyester and comes in eight different designs, one for each of the eight characters – Tata, Cooky, Shooky, Mang, Van, Chimmy, RJ, and Koya.

The manufacturer stresses that the product is designed to not only be eye-catching but functional as well. The product is light and has a soft feel. It is a great way to keep your hair in place while showing everyone where your allegiance lies. The product is supposed to fit comfortably on the head. The intent is to ensure that it is not so loose as to fall off the head and not so tight as to cause headaches.

As per the seller’s information, the product is not meant to be laundered. If soiled, the best way to clean is partially washing it with a wet towel. Avoid using bleaching agents on the band and ironing it. It is recommended to air dry the headband in the shade instead of machine drying.

The Analysis

The product is shipped in a vinyl bag. It has a removable product tag in the center and the character name label attached to one side of the band. It is made in China and recommended for individuals above the age of 3 years. It matches the image provided by the seller.

The base of each headband is black. The band is stretchable and should fit different head sizes without much of a problem. It has two plushies on either side which are character heads in their trademark design and colors. The dolls are adorable and made out of quality materials. They are soft and secured firmly and symmetrically onto the band. The headband is wrapped in soft fabric which makes it smooth and ensures that it is easy on the head.

The cost of shipping is excessive. One customer mentioned charges exceeding $30 for shipping the item. This goes up to almost $100 for expedited delivery. To reduce the burden, consider buying multiple items together by teaming up with friends or family. Or, joining Amazon Prime which offers free two-day shipping.

While the product may not be machine washable, a wet washcloth is effective in wiping the dirt away from the band and the plushies.

There are a few complaints about the product. One customer got a band with one of Chimmy’s ears partially attached. Another product had some dirt on the Tata figure. One felt like they had been ripped off because they found the same product at a lower cost on another site.

The Verdict

The bands are perfect to wear at concerts or other BTS events. You’re sure to get a lot of compliments for them.